Blockper is the world's first Crypto learning app. It's fun, entertaining, and free!

The Blockper app breaks down the complex world of crypto into bite-sized lessons that anyone can follow. Each lesson consists of an animated explainer video and is followed by a quiz. Users progress from beginner to expert by advancing through interactive galaxies, cementing their knowledge with real-life tasks, and collecting stardust as a reward.

From bloody beginners to seasoned experts - Blockper is the easiest way to launch into Crypto space!


Why We Built Blockper - a.k.a. Our Mission

Just like many others out there, we are fascinated by Crypto technology. And also just like many others out there, we were utterly lost and confused when we first learned about the concept.

We spent hours browsing random websites of varying quality and complexity. We watched videos, read articles, and engaged in communities - and we eventually learned the ropes. But it was way too hard and time-consuming, and we lost quite some money on the way there.

“There should be a better way:” With that ideal in mind, we built Blockper on three pillars to overcome the obstacles we faced on the journey to Crypto mastery:



"because Crypto is overwhelming."

Crypto, at its core, is a highly technical topic. Even the fundamentals are hard to understand for many people, and it's a rabbit hole that simply does not stop. The entire subject is so complex that many people are put off and never try to understand it.

That's why we've built Blockper in the simplest way possible. A straightforward user journey with short animated lessons that build on top of each other. It's so simple your mom could do it (go ahead - try it out!)



"because Crypto is often dangerous."

Crypto can be hugely lucrative. That's great for experts who know their way around - but it also attracts all kinds of other people. In 2021 alone, users lost $14 billion dollars to Crypto scams.

Blockper fixes this with a laser-like focus on staying safe in Crypto space. We've devoted entire galaxies to topics around Crypto security, teaching our users to spot the most common pitfalls and traps beforehand. Because it's better to be safe than become a statistic.



"because learning Crypto is usually boring."

Highly motivated individuals with lots of time on their hands and the ability to read long, technical articles can learn Crypto today. But let's face it - that's a minority. For anyone else, spending 30 minutes on a technical article without any graphics simply won't cut it.

Blockper is designed from the ground up to be fun. Traveling through Crypto space, short and entertaining lessons, interactive quizzes - this is the most fun you'll ever have learning any technical topic. We promise.

By making it simple, safe, and fun, we're aiming to revolutionize Crypto learning. In a nutshell, what we do can be summed up in one sentence:

At Blockper, we're on a mission to make Crypto accessible to anyone.

Our app is the world's first, simplest, and most fun and engaging way to get into a highly complex topic. Step by step, lesson by lesson, video by video - with short quizzes to test the newly acquired knowledge and real-world tasks to put it into practice.

The world of Crypto is changing and evolving rapidly. It's our goal to not only serve beginners and advanced users alike but also keep up with the latest developments and offer a clean, simple, and fun way to stay on top of all that's happening in this exciting space.

Anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection can learn Crypto. That's what we're here to accomplish.
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Who we are

We are a group of curious crypto enthusiasts from all over the world. Our fully remote team is based in five countries across three continents.

We work hard. We play hard. And we love the possibilities we're unlocking with Blockper.

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